Cressida HE Gas Fire / Non Internet Policy / Sold Through Showroom Only

Cressida HE Gas Fire / Non Internet Policy / Sold Through Showroom Only

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Cressida HE Gas Fire.

The Cressida HE is a high efficiency glass fronted appliance suitable for class 1 and class 2 flues.

The Cressida HE gas fire is one of most powerful fires in the Wildfire range,with its deep fuel bed and powerful output this appliance provides the ultimate in performance and style.The flagship Cressida HE is supplied in manual or slide control.The slide control features the latest patent pending direct slide technology.

Remember once you have chosen your appliance you can decide how it looks by selecting trim and fret options. 


The Wildfire guarantee is a major part of the company ethos,we want you to be comfortable that you re purchasing a high quality reliable product.Every effort is made to ensure that your product is delivered to you in perfect condition and with every aspect of build quality and manufacturing excellence taken care of.There can always be times,however,when things do not go entirely to plan and rest assured,we are here to resolve any such problems.

Internet Sales Policy 
We firmly believe that the purchase of a gas heating appliance requires the professional advise of an experienced adviser,for this reason we do not allow Wildfire products to be sold on the internet,Wildfire only sell there products through high quality knowledgeable retailers.

" We know you need to see our appliances in all their glory,we can demonstrate the product operation features and you can observe the flames and feel the heat,you will never gain this experience when purchasing a product from the internet "

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