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Peat is a significant fuel source in some countries, such as Ireland and Finland, where it is harvested on an industrial scale. 

In many countries, including Scotland, peat has traditionally been used for cooking and domestic heating for centuries.

Peat has low atmospheric emissions and is also clean and easy to handle. 

So why not enjoy burning real Scottish peat in your home today? 
Once you try burning traditional Scottish peat in your home we're sure that you'll enjoy the heat and aroma of this good old fashioned product so much that you'll ever want to use any other product in your open fire or stove again! 

Peat is a natural product that has been used as a fuel in Scotland for centuries. 

Historically cut or cast by hand we now use modern machinery to extract the peat from the bog land.
It is then left to air dry naturally on the surface in the summer for 6-8 weeks, depending on the notorious Scottish weather! 

The dried peat is then harvested, stored and bagged ready for distribution throughout the country.

Peat is a dark fibrous material created when decomposition fails to keep pace with the production of organic matter. 
In order for this to happen, conditions must be wet, acidic and cool. 

These conditions favour the growth of mosses, grasses and small shrubs but inhibit the microbial activity that usually breaks down the plant material. 

As they die they are laid down and accumulate year on year rather than rotting away. Such conditions are found more frequently in the northern hemisphere where the vast majority of the worlds 400 million hectares of peat lands are to be found.

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