Aduro 9 Air DEFRA Outside Air Stove
Aduro 9 Air DEFRA Outside Air Stove

Aduro 9 Air DEFRA Outside Air Stove

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DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Controlled Stove Areas

Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones. 

Aduro 9 is a beautiful designed stove and the round design and the 3 curved glasses maximise the appearance of the flames from all corners of the room. 

The stove has a curved glass door, hidden hinges and the ash drawer hidden behind the door. Aduro 9 was developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply). The stove is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic. 

The air blowing at the inner surface of the glass is optimized by means of an extra steering of the air supply and helps to keep the glass free from soot. Aduro 9 is also available in a version with an external air supply. 

This version is particularly suitable for houses that are very well-insulated.

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